We sell wholesale merchandise

to business owners with second hand clothes stores

Quality Products

Our main objective is to offer quality products , so we can keep a long-term cooperation with our partners. We are flexible and always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by adapting quickly to market peculiarities.

With experience in Romania 5 years, we specialize in importing , sorting and distribution of used clothes Anglo quality with low degree of wear of origin Germany. Our warehouse wholesale addresses the market in Romania and Russia, used clothing retail stores and charities .

SH Clothing – Original Collect

The clothing is collected in -System ” from house to house ” ( “door to door ” ) and comes from rich regions of Germany. SH clothes are carefully packaged in plastic bags approx. 5-10 kg, so that it is delivered to the customer in a very good condition.

Used Clothing Mixed Sorted by Spring-Summer and Autumn -Winter:

The merchandise is sorted by seasons: spring-summer and autumn-winter. Goods are sorted by product category, type bags blouses, pants bags.

Mixed Spring-Summer merchandise clothing for women, men and children skirts, dresses, short sleeve shirts, tracksuits, trousers.

Mixed Autumn-Winter merchandise clothing for women , men and children : pants , jackets , blouses , jackets, sweaters, etc.

All categories of clothing merchandise sorted have a very low degree of wear. Off-season second hand clothes are available at stock at promotional prices.

Merchandise is packed in bags ( 120-150 kg) and contain only SH clothing by season. This is important for store resellers of used clothes because it helps to avoid the risk of getting the product in stock.

We are wholesale used clothes, second hand items for home : quilts, towels, bathrobes, sheets, etc. and industrial cloth.

Contact us, request a quote or schedule a visit to our warehouse today and let us show you how quality can make the difference in terms of second hand clothes .